What to Expect When Having Eye Exams at Walmart

Walmart branches are known for offering one of the most extensive ranges of products as well as services to their local communities, but not everyone is even aware of the fact that they can have eye exams at Walmart as well. However, in cases where there is a Walmart vision center located within the store, eye care patients will be able to have a fairly extensive range of eye-related services carried out.

The Actual Exam

Eye exams at Walmart are very much the same as those performed by the more expensive private optician’s practices. The optician performing the eye exam will perform thorough checks to determine whether an eye care patient will require any form of glasses or contact lenses to help correct his or her vision if needed. Only in cases where more serious vision-related conditions are discovered will a patient be referred to an ophthalmologist or other private eye care specialist. Depending on the type of exam required, it will usually take anywhere between 15 to 45 minutes to perform from start to finish.

Potential Costs Involved

As with any form of medical treatment, the costs involved will vary according to the patient’s requirements. Patients who only require basic eye exams at Walmart will pay quite a bit less than those who require a more extensive check and who may need to wear glasses or contact lenses. The costs involved with glasses and contact lenses will vary according to the type of lenses required for the glasses, the protective coating that is chosen by the patient and the style of optical frames that have been chosen. Costs associated with contact lenses will vary according to whether disposable or more permanent types are required as well as the brand of lenses that the patient prefers to use.

Better Prices on Eye Exams at Walmart

In most cases, eye care patients have reported that the prices of eye exams at Walmart are a lot more affordable than those experienced in other eye care practices. However, it is sometimes possible to reduce the cost of essential services like eye care by using a range of discount vouchers, coupons, and special offers whenever they are made available. When using any of these, patients can expect to save anywhere between 5% to as much as 50% off the cost of their essential eye care services. Before using coupons though, it is important to ensure that they have not yet expired and that they will be able to be redeemed at the chosen branch of Walmart when required.

Having eye exams at Walmart does not mean that they will be of inferior quality in any way. In fact, they can be (and usually are) or just as good a level of quality as those performed elsewhere. Patients should also adhere to the advice given to them by their opticians, as this will ensure that they are able to protect their vision as much as possible.

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