Wallet work-out: keep your finances fighting fit

Saving more and spending less is our motto, but it can sometimes be easier said than done. If you’re struggling to whip your finances into shape this year then we have a few tips

The Five Hidden Mortgage Costs That You Should Know About

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Top 5 Ways to Change Your Career

It is no small decision wanting to change your current career path. After all, it may have been all you’ve known throughout your whole working life. However, with the right advice and motivation, taking

Enjoying a Responsible Gaming Environment

Gambling is something that is becoming more and more popular online with many online casinos growing in size rapidly.  This is due to just how easy it is to play the best casino games

Money Saving Tips for Non-Savers

Knowing the importance of saving money is not enough. You need to start doing it. People usually describe saving money as a healthy diet. You get inspired when you heard someone told it to

Are You A Money Saving Mom or Dad?

Parenthood isn’t a walk in the park.  It requires a lot of patience and foresight. With the birth of a child, every mom or dad must change her or his priorities. Gone are the

Do You Need To Be A Money Saving Expert To Save?

Actually, everyone already knows the simple answer to this: You don’t need to be a money saving expert to save money.  However, actually taking the initial steps and ensuring that saving money becomes a

Can You Live On Minimum Wage?

The minimum is the lowest mandated pay an employer can pay his employee. In some countries, minimum wage is expressed per hour in local currency while there are economies which mandate the minimum wage

How to Set Priorities in Your Spending Plan

It’s hard to save money when you always lose it spending a lot both for your personal and family expenses. I’m not saying that it’s wrong to spend but you need to set priorities